Should I Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

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Is Motorcycle Insurance Necessary In Florida?

The weather in Florida is usually warm and sunny, making Florida an ideal location to own and ride a motorcycle. And, while this can be an enjoyable experience, riding motorcycles comes with risks to riders and other vehicles. Yet, Florida is the exception regarding motorcycle insurance. Many people believe that motorcyclists do not need insurance. Still, if you ride a motorcycle in Florida or are thinking of owning one, it’s important to understand the laws regarding motorcycle insurance in the Sunshine State. Contact your motorcycle injury attorney if you are the victim of a motorcycle accident and learn why motorcycle insurance is always needed.

Understanding the Importance of Having Motorcycle Insurance 

Florida is the only state that does not require a rider to carry insurance. Still, even though insurance isn’t required to own and ride a motorcycle, Florida riders could be risking themselves and other drivers. For example, suppose you are at fault in an accident and do not have liability insurance. In that case, you may face loss of license and registration and accumulate massive fines and expensive medical bills. Here are some basic facts to understand about Florida motorcycle insurance laws:

  • Florida motorcyclists don’t have to purchase an insurance policy. However, because of the high risk of motorcycle accidents and severe injuries, it would be wise to invest in a policy.
  • Florida is a no-fault state regarding moving vehicle insurance and accidents, but motorcycle riders must prove who was at fault to obtain compensation. Determining fault is an important reason to be insured.
  • Florida penalties are strict if you are at fault in a motorcycle accident and don’t have liability coverage to pay for the other driver’s expenses. You could lose your license and have your motorcycle registration revoked. You may also have to buy bodily injury and property damage liability coverage for three years.
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If You Have Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident, Call The Law Office Of Teresa P. Williams Today For Help

Insurance coverage and regulations can be confusing for riders in Florida. However, the risks suggest that having proper insurance coverage could save your life and the life of others. If you are a motorcycle owner and have been in an accident, Attorney Teresa Williams can help eliminate the confusion around insurance requirements. She will advise you on making an injury claim that may get you the compensation you deserve. Call (727) 796-2706 today for your free consultation or contact us on the website here.

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