Understanding Florida Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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When To Wear A Helmet According To Florida Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Florida has an uneven history with its Florida Motorcycle Helmet Laws. The laws have been widely debated over the years and with good reason. Even so, the current law remains subject to more debate. Most people know that riding a motorcycle comes with risks and that wearing a helmet may significantly reduce the impact of severe injuries and head trauma. The statistics seem straightforward on the number of accidents involving death and major head trauma injuries from not wearing helmets.

So why does it seem unclear that Florida doesn’t have a universal helmet law? While we support that helmets should be a vital part of safety gear for all riders, it is essential to understand the current helmet law and how it may affect you.

What Are The Current Florida Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

Florida’s current Motorcycle Helmet Law explains that if you are over 21 years of age AND carry the minimum amount of motorcycle insurance, you do not have to wear a helmet. This current law was signed into effect in 2000 but remains controversial amongst lawmakers, insurance companies, and riders themselves.  Twenty-nine other states also have an age-restricted helmet law like Florida, which allows the rider to have the choice to wear a helmet, providing they are insured. Only eighteen states have a universal helmet law stating that all riders, including passengers, must wear a helmet.

Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Motorcycle Helmet

What Are The Consequences Of Riding Without A Helmet?

The risk may seem evident for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, but not always. Some riders have believed that wearing a heavy, bulky helmet can cause more problems and injury. However, that has been under debate given the numerous reasons and data in favor of helmet laws that include:

Does My Helmet Have To Be Compliant?

Yes. Florida Helmet Law states that the Helmet you wear must meet US safety standards. Many helmet manufacturers and guidelines are available. Therefore, it is crucial to choose when purchasing your Helmet carefully. Remember, the Helmet you wear may be the one that saves your life.

If You Have Been Injured, Call A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer To Understand Your Rights

Even the most safety-conscience motorcycle riders are at risk of an accident. Thus it is essential to know your rights and responsibilities and the laws that pertain to owning and riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle accident legal team at The Law Office of Teresa P. Williams ensure whatever situation arises for you, you experience the best possible outcome. Call (727) 796-2706 today or contact us on our website here.

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