Dunedin Personal Injury Attorney

As the 5th largest city in Pinellas County, Florida, taking up 10.4 square miles of land, Dunedin is no stranger to car accidents. Due to the small streets, active nightlife, busy events and common bicycle traffic there is a prominent danger of hitting pedestrians, it helps to have a personal injury lawyer on your side. Whether you’re visiting the city of Dunedin or one of its residents, if you end up in a car crash it’s good to have a reliable car accident attorney you can call. Teresa P. Williams is a personal injury attorney that can help you if you find yourself involved in an accident in this area.

As a personal injury lawyer, Teresa P. Williams understands the nature of these automobile accidents has a lot to do with location. It’s easy for car wrecks to happen in such a busy area which is why if it does, a personal injury lawyer like Teresa P. Williams wants to help you make that process easier to deal with.

More local accidents along Dunedin’s Main Street and Pinellas County Road 1 are less common of major pile ups and instead are at higher risk of pedestrians getting hurt in an automobile accident. Neither the city of Dunedin nor its pedestrians should be without an experienced personal injury attorney. While it is no one’s intention to put themselves in danger, these hazards still exist when there are lots of pedestrian crossing in a small area. Serving the residents of Dunedin, personal injury lawyer, Teresa P. Williams has your back whether you’re a resident or visitor of the area, she will be there to help you recover form an accident.

Teresa P Williams Dunedin Personal Injury Lawyer