When Bicycle Accidents In Florida Result In Personal Injury

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Teresa P Williams Bicycle Accidents

Did You Know Florida Ranks Number One In The Nation For Bicycle Accidents?

The sunshine state of Florida ranks #1 in the U.S for cyclist deaths despite Florida bike owner’s awareness of bicycle safety. A number of cyclists in Florida don’t wear helmets, adding to a spike in death rates from bicycle accidents. Sadly, accidents occur whether cyclists are riding their bikes properly or not.

Distracted Driving Is A Major Contributor To Bicycle Accidents

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has labeled texting and driving as very dangerous.

  • The number of deaths that result from text messages being sent while driving is high.

  • Doing this activity near a bike lane can be just as bad as doing it on the national highway.

  • When a driver takes their eyes off the road they are taking their eyes off the cyclist too.

In spite of national highway traffic safety laws, these types of car accidents still happen and cyclists fatalities are often the result. For the ones that do make it, a personal injury from a bike crash is sure enough.

Teresa P Williams Bicycle Accidents

Properly Fitting Yourself For An Accident

The percent of cyclists that end up injured from a bike accident is as high as those in one. A number of cyclists are not ready for what comes next.

  • A hit and run bike crash is one of the hardest to deal with.

  • The highway traffic safety administration doesn’t always hold the driver at fault, leaving you helpless.

  • An insurance company may not cover all of your medical expenses and you could be left with high medical bills.

Injury lawyers can help with what comes after one of these bicycle accidents and make the process easier.

How A Personal Injury Attorney May Be Able To Help Your Bicycle Accident Case

Personal injury law can be hard to understand after going through something so awful. But a personal injury lawyer can file a personal injury claim for you and get you the compensation you deserve. Don’t wait on the insurance company to get back to you or it could be too late.

Schedule a free consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer and depending on your case, you can learn if your medical bills will be taken care of. Bicycle accidents in Florida may be a common thing but your pain doesn’t have to be, contact the Law Office of Teresa P. Williams today.

Author: David Scott