Watch Out For Mobile Food Truck Accidents

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What Happens If I Get Into An Accident With A Mobile Food Truck?

Mobile food trucks, or kitchens-on-wheels, have popped up in neighborhoods all over the country, offering anything from seafood tacos to Italian cannoli treats. Although mobile food trucks conduct business as restaurants, they frequently move around like any other motor vehicle. While the unique features of a mobile food truck add diversity to a neighborhood, they can be prone to unexpected types of accidents. The risks of mobile food truck accidents can be severe and often complex. Call personal injury attorney, Teresa Williams immediately if you are injured due to an accident involving a mobile food truck and she will answer your questions.

Five Causes of Accidents Involving Restaurant Style Food Trucks

Mobile Food Truck operators and drivers are only required to hold a standard Class D driver’s license in their state but may require additional local or state licensing. Here are 5 common causes of mobile food truck accidents you may not be aware of:

  • Mobile Food Truck drivers can be inexperienced truck drivers. They are generally cooks and owners who may lack the training necessary to operate a heavy food truck.
  • Mobile Food Trucks have limited maneuverability, making them difficult to position in parking lots or on the road.
  • Mobile Food Trucks rely on propane gas tanks to operate the cooking equipment. The frequent movement of food trucks can damage the fuel source and lead to fires or explosions.
  • Mobile Food Truck drivers and operators can become drowsy at the end of the day. Fatigued driving is a leading cause of commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Mobile Food Trucks have restricted visibility. Food trucks are often located in pedestrian-friendly areas and as such, make them more susceptible to pedestrian accidents.
Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Food Truck Accidents

Mobile Food Truck Accidents Require The Assistance Of An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Sadly, these types of truck accidents are a familiar story in Florida. Mobile food truck operators, employees, and customers can benefit from understanding the causes of an accident involving a food truck. Suppose you are a victim of an accident involving a food truck. In that case, your injury claim may be more complicated, so it is critical to contact Attorney Teresa Williams.  She will confidently answer all your accident-related questions. Call (727) 796-2706 today or reach out on the website here!

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