Safely Sharing The Road To Avoid Large Truck Accidents

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Large Truck Accidents Have Been On The Rise. Learn How To Drive Safely Around Commercial Vehicles

Large trucks and semi-trailers are a part of our busy roads and highways. If you commute to work, run local errands, or take a cross-country road trip, you will likely be driving alongside commercial vehicles. Most truck drivers are skillful professionals whose primary concern is safety. However, maneuvering their massively large vehicle can be difficult, so it is up to passenger vehicles to practice extra safe driving while sharing the road with big rigs. The goal of all drivers is to reduce the chances of any large truck accidents.

Rules for Sharing the Road with Big Trucks

Big trucks are easy to identify on the road, but their movements can sometimes be unpredictable. At times driving alongside large trucks can be stressful and even dangerous. Knowing how to navigate around them safely is key to driver safety. Here are six basic rules for sharing the road with big trucks safely:

  1. Stay away from truck blind spots
  2. Pass Safely
  3. Stay back and don’t tailgate
  4. Plan for a truck’s wide turns
  5. Never drive right next to a truck
  6. Do not change lanes in front of a truck and then brake

Safe driver responsibility needs to be practiced at all times and in all conditions.

Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Big Truck Accidents

Why Is The Risk Of Large Truck Accidents So High?

When driving on the highway, a passenger vehicle is at a severe disadvantage if involved in a crash with a larger vehicle. In 2021, 74% of fatal passenger car accidents involved a large truck.

Large Truck driving behaviors to be aware of:

  • Large Truck Drivers often experience road fatigue
  • Big Truck drivers make wide turns
  • Big Trucks and Semi-trailers require a long braking distance on dry roads and even longer braking distance if the roads are wet
  • Large Trucks need more space on the road
  • Large Trucks have more blind spots

Key Summary for Safely Sharing the Road With Large Trucks

  • Trucks and Semi-trailers are much bigger than your car, so give them plenty of room when and where they may need it
  • Practice being a considerate driver
  • Be aware of driving conditions that may affect a truck diver’s ability to control their vehicle
  • Stay focused and stay sober

Get Expert Legal Advice On Large Truck Accidents Today

New drivers learn how to share the road safely with other moving vehicles early on. However, accidents happen, and if you are in an accident with a large truck, it is crucial to immediately contact an expert Accident Lawyer who specializes in Truck Accidents. The Law Office of Teresa P. Williams can help you navigate the steps of large truck accidents with confidence. Call Teresa and her team at (727) 796-2706 today or contact her on the website here.

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