Road Hazards That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

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Riders Beware…Tampa Bay Is Full Of Dangerous Road Hazards

Motorcyclists enjoy the excitement and freedom of traveling the open road. While motorcyclists benefit from mobile convenience, the accident statistics for motorcycles are increasingly grim in Florida. A motorcycle’s small metal frame is considered vulnerable on the road to hazards that affect a driver’s ability to ride safely. Being aware of the potential hazards is the first step to being prepared for how road hazards influence your motorcycle driving experience. Practicing this can save your life and the lives of others. If you have been in a motorcycle accident or are considering driving a motorcycle, contacting a skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can be beneficial and may help you avoid any future incidents.

Road Hazards Every Rider Needs to Know

Riding a motorcycle exposes a driver to many adverse conditions.  Even the slightest road hazard can result in a crash. So while riding a motorcycle is a fun and pleasurable experience, it is essential to identify the top dangerous road conditions to be safe and prepared.

  • Loose Gravel can be the most unexpected danger, especially going into turns.
  • Slick, Oily, and Wet Surfaces may cause a motorcycle to lose traction and slide uncontrollably. Drive slowly and lightly apply brakes on wet, rainy surfaces, including oily patches that often appear on the road
  • Uneven Roads, Deviations, and Road Gaps can cause a rider to lose control at high speeds. In areas such as these, it is best to stay in lane and to remain aware.  
  • Road Debris such as rocks, boxes, tree branches, and construction debris can cause a driver to lose balance and control.
Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Road Hazards and Motorcycles

How to Safely Navigate Road Hazards

Now that you have identified some of the road hazards that can cause a motorcycle accident, you can prepare how to avoid these unsafe road conditions.

  • Do not make sudden or jerky movements, especially on wet, slick, or oily surfaces.
  • Travel at times of the day when traffic is light or less congested.
  • Use both the front and rear brakes, being especially careful to avoid locking the front wheel.
  • Drive slowly, especially into turns and corners, to avoid slipping and road debris.
  • Avoid tailgating using the 2-second rule behind the front vehicle.

Call The Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Teresa P. Williams, If You Are Hurt In A Motorcycle Accident

Practicing safe motorcycle driving cannot be overemphasized. If you plan to own a motorcycle or already own one, you need to be aware of road hazards that can cause a severe or life-threatening accident. In an accident, call for medical attention, then contact your Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Attorney Teresa Williams will work with you every step of the way to successfully process your claim. Call (727) 796-2706 today or contact us on our website here!

Author: David Scott