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Here’s Some Important Reasons To Remember Why Seatbelts Save Lives In Auto Accidents

The goal for every driver is to arrive alive every time and one significant way to do this is to wear a seatbelt. The numbers are evident for why to wear a seat belt, yet many drivers still do not buckle up when they get behind the wheel.  Because of this, seat belts have a long history of safety campaigns, including the current and effective Click It or Ticket program. They prove that the importance of wearing a seat belt while driving cannot be over-emphasized. Understanding crucial facts about seatbelts may save your life in a car accident and the life of another.

Please Get to Know the Facts and Why Wearing Seatbelts Is So Important

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing seat belts reduces the risk of death by 45% among drivers and front-seat passengers, saving 15,000 lives annually. Seat belt usage also reduces the risk of severe injuries by 50%.
  • Drivers and passengers are far less likely to be ejected from the vehicle when wearing a seat belt in an accident.
  • Airbags do not replace seat belt usage. Not wearing a seat belt in an accident could cause a forceful airbag injury.
  • Rear seat passengers are more likely to suffer accident fatalities when not wearing a seat belt.
  • Wearing a seat belt correctly can save a life. Place the shoulder strap across the middle of your chest and the lap belt across your hips, not the stomach.
  • NEVER wear the shoulder strap under the arm.
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Not Wearing a Seat Belt Can Affect an Accident Claim

Florida has a mandatory seat belt law that states that all passengers and drivers must use a seat belt. Not wearing a seat belt can often increase the severity of injuries in an accident and, as a result, can impact the outcome of your claim. Florida follows a comparative fault principle, which reduces compensation if you do not use your seatbelt. For example:

If the cause of your injuries were 51 percent or more because of not wearing a seat belt, then you would have no claim against a negligent driver. If the cause of injuries were less than 51 percent, you would have a claim against an at-fault driver. Either way, these amounts can be substantial.

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The Tampa Bay area has one of the highest incidents of accidents in Florida and the countless seat belt statistics consistently show overwhelming reasons for wearing  seatbelts. Seat belt facts also show the significance of hiring a proven Personal Injury Lawyer if you are the victim of an accident. Attorney Teresa Williams is ready to you the compensation you deserve. Call today for your free consultation!

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