If I Get A Car Accident Ticket, Can I File a Personal Injury Claim?

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No one ever wants to find themselves involved in a car accident, let alone be at fault. Yet, when a police officer issues YOU a ticket for the accident, this may feel like the worst of all situations. You suddenly think you have no legal options, but you may, in fact, have legal recourse. If you are issued a car accident ticket, it is not an absolute as to your fault in a personal injury claim or case. There are vital points to be aware of if you find yourself at fault in a car accident.

What Should I Do If I Am At Fault In An Accident?

A vehicle accident can occur at any time and usually when we are most unaware. It is important to remember things to do and NOT do if you are involved or at fault in a car crash:

Do This:

  • Stay calm and dial 911; seek medical attention if necessary
  • Always check for injuries
  • Call the police to file an accident report
  • Create a detailed list of the occurrence, take photos, and exchange driver information
  • Call your insurance company
  • Seek legal counsel as soon as possible, before you give statements or sign documents.

Don’t Do This:

  • Do not panic
  • Do not admit fault – this is critical
  • Do not discuss the accident and don’t negotiate
  • Do not leave the scene

What Is Florida’s Comparative Negligence Law And Why Does It Matter When I Get A Car Accident Ticket?

Florida uses a rule called “comparative negligence” to determine percent of responsibility. It means that damages can be awarded based on each driver’s fault percentage in the accident. It is a crucial defense law that defines the possible potential recovery of how much money you might receive for damages for your personal injury case, even if you get a ticket.

Even If You Get A Car Accident Ticket, Be Sure To Call The Law Office Of Teresa P. Williams

A car accident can be a terrifying event, especially when serious injuries and damages are involved. If you were issued a traffic ticket in the accident, it is imperative to contact the personal injury experts at The Law Office of Teresa Williams.

The legal advice you receive from the Law Office of Teresa Williams and depending on your case, might help you recover compensation, even if you believe you are partially responsible. Call us at 727-796-2706 for a free consultation or contact us on our website here.

Author: David Scott