How Truck Safety Regulations Can Affect A Truck Accident Case

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Here In Tampa Bay, Truck Safety Regulations Play A Large Part In Truck Accidents

Large truck or semi-truck accidents are complex due to the many types of accidents and circumstances involving multiple responsible parties. Unlike vehicle accidents, trucking accidents can be caused by the driver, the trucking company, the freight company, or the mechanic. This is why the trucking industry sets strict truck safety regulations regarding safe operating and maintenance practices for the driver and the truck. If you are the victim of a large truck accident, you’ll need an truck accident attorney to sort out the safety regulations that could impact your accident case.

What Are The Types Of Regulations That Affect Trucking Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Florida Highway Patrol Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement establish safety regulations to be followed by all commercial motor vehicles such as semi-trucks or tractor trailers. Let’s understand some examples of regulations and how violation affects an accident claim.

  • The truck industry regulates truckers’ hours on their shifts and require the drivers take periodic breaks. If the company or the driver violates the time limit regulation, they may be liable if an accident occurs.
  • The truck industry regulates trucks requiring periodic inspections and maintenance standards for motor carriers. If a trucking company, driver, or mechanic is not following mandatory maintenance requirements, they may be liable if an accident occurs.
  • Truck drivers require special licensing and special training to comply with state law. If a driver does not have the appropriate licensing and training, the driver and the company may be liable in the event of an accident.
  • Trucks and trailers have loading requirements as well as weight and transport limitations. If a truck or trucking company violates freight regulations, the company can be liable in an accident case.
  • Truck drivers are required to undergo periodic drug and alcohol testing in certain circumstances. If a commercial truck driver drives while impaired, they may be liable in the event of an accident.
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Federal And State Regulations Can Make A Truck Accident Complicated. Make Sure You Have A Lawyer That Can Help.

Federal and state regulations are in place for the safety of all drivers. They recognize that passenger vehicles must share the road with large trucks, and they put regulations in place in an effort to not become a hazard on the road.

Failure to follow federal safety regulations can put all drivers on the road in danger, making the laws and truck safety regulations necessary to understand. If you have been in a truck accident, it is critical you contact Attorney Teresa Williams. As a truck safety regulations lawyer, she will explore the circumstances of the accident to get you the compensation you deserve. Call (727) 796-2706 today or contact us here on our website.

Author: Teresa P. Williams