Five Personal Injury Myths

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Learn The Facts And Dispel The Personal Injury Myths

Friends and colleagues like to help solve the problems of others by sharing what they hear and believe. Who doesn’t want to be right? Sometimes listening to the suggestions or advice of others can be harmless, but when it comes to your Personal Injury rights, the best source of advice and guidance can be from a local expert Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer is skilled at dispelling any personal injury myths or apprehensions you have regarding your Personal Injury case and explaining the facts about your potential injury claim.

Disputing Five Myths of a Personal Injury Case

As a victim of an accident in Florida that was not your fault or even if you were comparatively negligent but sustained severe injury, you have the right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. There are many circulated myths and untruths about Personal Injury cases. Here are Five Myths of Personal Injury Lawsuits worth discussing:

Attorney Compensation – Do I Have To Pay For Legal Representation Up Front? 

ALL injury cases in Florida are handled on a contingency fee basis. Personal Injury Lawyers only receive compensation if they have successfully represented the client and obtained a recovery on their behalf.

Personal Injury Cases are Usually Frivolous Lawsuits

A victim of negligence is forced to file a Personal Injury Case when the insurance company has denied or attempted to limit recovery for a valid claim. Liability is a serious issue whether you are a victim or at fault. The goal of an experienced lawyer is to act in your best interest and to pursue compensation for your documented persistent injuries and lost wages.

Personal Injury Cases are Always Resolved with the Insurance Company

Many insurance companies want to pay out the least amount possible while avoiding a lawsuit. The adjuster works for the insurance company. If you were injured as the result of the negligence of someone else, you need an experienced advocate to help you resolve your claim.

Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Case Injuries Are Not Worth Pursuing Unless They Are Severe

Minor injuries in an accident are still injuries and involve medical bills, damages, and potential loss of wages. Your knowledgeable attorney can determine the feasibility of your claim.

Personal Injury Cases Take Too Long To Resolve

Most Personal Injury Cases aim to be resolved and settled out of court in a speedy and efficient time frame. The case may take longer depending on the factors involved. Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney right away may expedite the process.

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