Causes Of Rear End Truck Crashes

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Rear End Truck Crashes Are All Too Common In Tampa Bay

Most drivers are aware of rear-end collisions, yet it seems these incidents come out of nowhere. Generally, a rear-end vehicle crash can be a troublesome yet manageable accident. On the other hand, the situation can be devastating when a rear-ended passenger vehicle is struck by a large truck. While there are many causes and types of accidents, rear end truck crashes caused by large commercial vehicles is common in the Tampa Bay area. Unfortunately, truck drivers are no exception to driver errors when it comes to rear-end collisions. Call attorney Teresa P. Williams to discuss your truck accident claim so you can get answers.

Common Causes of a Rear End Truck Crashes

The damages and injuries from a rear-end crash from an 80,000-pound truck can be catastrophic and even fatal. Florida assumes the driver who crashes into the rear end of a vehicle to be at fault unless there are indications otherwise. The common causes of a rear-end truck crash are often the same for passenger vehicles; however, other reasons may contribute to a rear-end crash caused by a truck.

  • Driver fatigue is a known cause of a rear-end truck crash. Truckers drive for long hours without a break, making them more likely to be fatigued when driving. Truck drivers often violate federal hours-of-service rules that state how many hours they can operate without a break. Trucking companies sometimes ignore safety practices and regulations.
  • Poorly maintained equipment is a common but lesser-known cause of a rear-end truck accident. Sometimes, a truck’s operating equipment needs repair or adjustments. For example, the brakes have been going out but have not been repaired. Why? To save money.
  • Following too closely is a prevalent cause of a rear-end truck collision. A Florida statute has a specific provision that applies to trucks and trucks towing trailers, indicating following closer than 600 feet to be a violation.
  • Speeding through a traffic light is a common scenario for a rear-end truck accident. Trucks have little ability to stop or slow down quickly due to their size and weight of their load.
  • Impaired driving can be the cause of a rear-end truck incident. Truckers are no exception to driving while under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.
Law Office of Teresa P. Williams, Clearwater, FL, Causes Of Rear End Truck Crashes

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