Accident Injury

Car Accident Victim of Drunk Driver

Car Accident of "Client E"

Amanda Evans was the unfortunate victim of a single car drunk driving accident on 10/25/2013, so she contacted Clearwater auto accident lawyer, Teresa P. Williams. The impaired driver fled the scene and eluded capture by law enforcement. The motor vehicle had only $10,000 in insurance which was only a fraction of the $465,927.00 in medical bills.

Ms. Evans and her family wanted, even needed, their day in court to prove that Scott Donald Huggins was the driver of the car in which Ms. Evans was a passenger. With almost no hope of ever recovering more than the $10,000, our firm made a commitment to Ms. Evans and her family that we would try this case.

On 8/25/2017, the Jury returned a verdict finding Scott Donald Huggins liable and awarding damages of $1,325,890. After assessment of attorney’s fees and costs the Final Judgment totaled $1,575,890.00. Sometimes it is just the right thing to do.