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Car Accident & Traumatic Brain Injury

Car Accident of "Client A"

Client A called the  Tampa auto accident lawyer, Teresa P. Williams, after they were in a car accident on November 25, 2013 with relatively minor property damage, $3,170.00. Client A began to experience a significant speech defect without any other signs or symptoms of a closed head injury.

After a significant medical work up by a neurologist, certified as a CTE evaluator by the NFL, it was determined that A sustained a traumatic brain injury. The insurer vigorously contested the case involving numerous expert witnesses including a neurologist, speech pathologist, neuro-psychologist and an investigator to conduct several days of surveillance.

Despite all these efforts by the insurance company, the case was settled for several times the insurance policy limits without the need for a trial.

Don’t Wait to Talk to A Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

When you come to Teresa P. Williams, you’ll learn about local laws in Tampa Bay as well as the Florida state laws that would apply to your auto accident case. The law offices of Teresa P. Williams will help you determine how much your insurance claim is worth, find out whether your settlement is fair and file any lingering paperwork. If necessary, you can negotiate disputed claims and pursue your case in court.

In Clearwater, Florida, you need to address car accidents quickly with an experienced Tampa auto accident lawyer. If you wait too long to document your injuries or pursue your case, you might have a harder time recovering all of your compensation.

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